This time i’m making a 2 in 1 post. Unicorn Way: Rattlebones drops the myth fairy pet. « Previous Next » Info/Intro Chapter 1-A new quest Chapter 2-Behind the door Chapter 3-Traveling to a new world Chapter 4-Looking for a translation Chapter 5-Meeting Santa In this guide, we'll walk you 1st i'm farming Nigtshade, 2nd i'm yuletide farming. Just go in by yourself or with 3-4 people (make sure they are 10 or over depending on if your a healer or not) beat him and you will get 30-90 money and the items you get from him just sell it and keep on doing this. After you beat the 3 streets (Triton, Cyclops, and Firecat), he will give you the quest to battle Foulgaze in Olde Town. then defeat foulgaze in sappreeas tower then lord nightshade ... Wizard101 is an online, Wizard school adventure with collectible card magic, wizard duels, and far off worlds! You go inside Bartelby the world tree if you have beaten Lord Nightshade who is a Wraith. Krokotopia. 1st i’m farming Nigtshade, 2nd i’m yuletide farming. Djeserit Family Tomb: Crypt Scavenger in the Djeserit Family Tomb drops the fang bat pet. Because it’s Christmas in July… don’t forget to farm Lord Nightshade for dropped crown gear. Haunted Cave - Lord Nightshade's Tower. 2: If your bored and have no one to help you fight Lord NightShade, have some Kracken Treasure cards (You get one from fighting the kracken first time in triton avenue) OK so first finish Wizard City's 3 streets and Unicorn Way. Farmed him for like 2 hours and got ninja pig hat, Dracula wig, like 3 Halloween pets, 2 pumpkin masks, pumpkin staff, and loads of treasure cards. Defeating these four will allow you to challenge Lord Nightshade in the Haunted Cave. If you have any of these wands, ... Gold-Stringed Harp (any level): Lord Nightshade (WC, Haunted Cave) Harp of the Lucky (lvl 15+): Krokopatra (KT, Temple of Storms) Shamrock Harp (lvl 25+) After this quest, the new world Krokotopia will be unlocked. The value of a treasure card is based on how easy it is to get, how you get it, ... Lord Nightshade attack - Very Common Lord of Night - Very Rare O'Leary Charlatan - Rare Oni No Death - Rare Mega Pacify - Very Common Plague … Haunted Cave - Lord Nightshade's Tower. Colossus Boulevard - Prince Gobblestone's Castle. And finally, Grubb in Sunken city will give you a Blue Cat Thug ( very hard to get cuz grubb is really hard) The Grand Chasm. It was not a hard drop it only took about 30 fights to get both pets. Krokotopia has no book quests at all. Low level PVP (lvl 1 to 15) is a great way to get your foot into PVP or a way to get that popular commander robe stitch. Lord Nightshade in Triton Avenue will give you a mini version of himself and a Blue Banshee. They were first introduced to the game in October 2009, shortly after the game’s release. To craft, you will need: 10 Summon Foulgaze Treasure Cards, 10 Summon Lady Blackhope Treasure Cards, 10 Summon Lord Nightshade Treasure Cards, 80 Sandstone, 100 Mist Wood, 25 Black Lotus, and 50 Brass. ... Official Wizard101 US Blog/Fansite on September 13th, 2012. So i'm gonna divide this post into 2 parts 1st yuletide drops, 2nd regular nightshade drops. Krokotopia Pet Drops: Ahnic Family Tomb: King Uro Ahnic drops the life banshee pet. pls help me w harvest lord 11 months ago if you have krok unlocked, maybe go buy the transmute deep mushroom —> nightshade recipe from the guy near the well. i found that it was a lot easier getting a bunch of deep mushrooms and then transmuting them. The game allows players to create a student Wizard in an attempt to save Wizard City and explore many different worlds. Ever since, we’ve been seeing more and more mounts being added through different ways including the … Mounts in Wizard101 have been an integral part of the game for a long time now. Lord Nightshade was a Wraith that led the invasions of Wizard City, working under Malistaire Drake. It really got me back into wizard101 and im now level 75 in avalon. Jackson black ice. 4/29/2014 in Wizard101 Treasure Card Trading. Premium wands are one of the most common to appear. It is well worth fighting Lord Nightshade as he also … Book of TC Values. Lord Nightshade, Baron Mordecai, and the Halloween Towers in Ravenwood. or maybe i just have bad luck in receiving nightshade Doing research in the Library Archives, Ambrose discovered that the invasions on Wizard City were being led by Lord Nightshade, who was working for Malistaire. Where is the book in the Grand Chasm wizard101? Marleybone's History Books. Hey! Lord Nightshade dropped a mysterious skeleton key. It was also learned that Lord Nightshade was holding books that had been stolen from the Library by Malistaire, and that they were being kept in Stormdrain Tower in the Haunted Cave off of Triton Avenue . Krokopatra - A Queen who is an anthropomorphic crocodile and the final boss of Krokotopia. Chapter 2: wrath of lord nightshade and death. Well you have to get the Krokotopia world key from the Headmaster after you beat Lord Nightshade. Lord Nightshade from in the Stormdrain tower (Past Triton Avenue) has some good drops. To get to this part, you will need either a subscription or crowns. 1st part - yuletide drops (images below): 2x Snowglobe Nutcracker… Marleybone's "History of Marleybone" Book Locations. And then this happened. After that talk to Headmaster Ambrose. He is also believed to drop a Midnight Sprite but I received a Dark Sprite from him. Once you've defeated him, you will be given the quest to defeat Lord Nightshade. You guys have given me a reason to play again and i enjoy seeing all your posts. Lord Nightshade, Haunted Cave. Lord Nightshade is, without a doubt, the most difficult boss to defeat in Wizard City (excluding Sunken City. Lord Nightshade drops a lot of great items. wizard101 has decided to give everyone a party pack. We devote ourselves to giving useful Information for everybody! This time i farmed 85 times, thats a first for me.So i’m gonna divide this post into 2 parts 1st yuletide drops, 2nd regular nightshade drops. _PWN I started in krokatopia when i first joined. The information provided is a combination of my own drops and of the information on the wizard101 wiki. Hey! I mounted on Scratcher and headed torwards the Headmaster's office. 1. Lord Nightshade - Lord Nightshade is an Undead that resides in Stormdrain Tower at the end of the Haunted Cave. Wizard101 has 10 million people playing wizard101. This time i farmed 85 times, thats a first for me. This time i'm making a 2 in 1 post. Firecat Alley - Prince Allicane Swiftarrow's Fireglobe Theater. ... Lord Nightshade Glitch March 19, 2010 by rumbun. Apprentice crafters can obtain a recipe for a basic monstrodome for 25,000 Gold from Felicia Worthington in Marleybone. Free Furniture Wizard City: - Shopping District: Pet Shop, to the right of the shop keeper - Tiny Door - Ravenwood: Myth School - Lynx Gazer Painting - Triton Avenue: Room of Harvest Lord - Open Book - Haunted Cave: Room of Lord Nightshade - Brain In A Jar - Firecat Alley: Anna Flamewright's house:… If you can’t buy it with crowns or don’t feel like farming for crown gear, you can always use dropped gear or gear from the bazaar. Hyde Park - In the tower of the Gearhead Destroyers. 8. #5. Fishing is an addition to Wizard101 that allows Wizards to magically fish from the many sources of water throughout the Spiral. Wizard101 Triton Avenue - Harvest Lord's Tower. The book is in Everburn's Tower. Luke NightShade . In my opinion, waiting the rounds out gives better drops, though that could be completely coincidental. srry you have to pay fro lord nightshade and the headmaster wont give you another quest unless you pay because he wants you to do a quest that is on a street wich is for members also i am a level ten "magic ten" where there r no more quests for no members and the only way to get training points is to do quests so once u finish up the free quest u r screwed srry hope this helped

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