She was a 1921 graduate of Osawa Schools and attended Ellsworth College, earning a teacher's certificate. Theodore Nott (b. Christina Nott Biographical Information. Married. Nott was born September 1, 1904 in Osawa, the daughter of Walter and Mary Baughman Fuller. He was born into a loving, caring home where his parents loved each other. Christina Fenwick (Maiden name) Title(s) Lady Nott. she stated bluntly, "A book said she was married to a man named Remus Lupin. Theodore Nott was born to an elderly wizard, Mr Nott and his wife. After the death of his mother, Theodore was raised by his father, who was a Death Eater. Father: Theodore Nott Mother: Zita Acerbi Siblings: None Spouse/Partner: Lucretia Moriarty Children: Titus (7) , Unknown child (23) Other: Alessandra Kentigern (ex-wife)-History-Family: The Acerbi's are an Italian family of Half-bloods and Purebloods. #theodore nott's mother #nephthys shafiq #there's a lot i havent touched on about theo's mother #nott family. Being in a platonic relationship with Theodore Nott would include Because platonic relationships are underrated (and life). honeymoon headcannon//theodore “teddy” nott x reader. From the way Theodore had described it, his father would kill him long before then. And that made Harry ache with far more anger than the thought of marrying Theodore Nott did. As far as it is known, both did not attend their last year at Hogwarts in 1998-1999, the first chosing to study privately. livesandliesofwizards. Theodore Nott: Draco's best man. Theodore Nott, more commonly referred to as Theo, is the third and last son of Artorex and Morgause. love, siriusblack, romanalston. Marital status. Blood status. He came from a family of Death Eaters and supporters of Pure-blood supremacy. Special. Lavinia Rhys: Theodore Nott's fiancé and the other bridesmaid. Theodore Nott, as the third son of Artorex and Morgause (now deceased) Nott, is a pure-blood wizard. 1985. Also known as. 5 notes. But your mother was married to Black, once. She married Theodore James Nott on Sept. 18, 1924 at Methodist Parsonage in Iowa Falls. Just to start off Theo would be willing to stay home for your honeymoon if you wanted to, this man would follow you anywhere in the world; You on the other hand wanted to escape London for a while so you rent a little house on a … 1979/1980) was a pure-blood wizard who was a Slytherin student in the same year as Harry Potter at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Nott was already moving forwards, his face set in a smile that Harry knew hid so much. Theodore Geoffrey Nott IV was born March 23, 1980. For the first few years of his life Theodore was raised by his nanny although his mother kept a close eye on everything making sure her little boy grew up well. He was his… Child of a Criminal- Theodore Nott Love Story -Discontinued ... "I want to know more about my mother." He sighed, "Hatter, you're right. Read Chapter 75 from the story Black [Theodore Nott] by Y_Allen (Y Allen) with 2,602 reads. Harry leaned in to meet him, one hand rising to gently cup his face as he kissed him. Upon arriving at Hogwarts in 1991, he was sorted into Slytherin house, as was expected of a pure-blood boy with a Death Eater father. But she before him, She was married to a man named Remus Lupin. The absence of Pansy Parkinson and Gregory Goyle was worth noticing. Follow. Not Sirius Black." SHES TOTALLY AWESOME! Died. Pure-Blood. So she was very coddled. the familiar scent of peppermint (theo nott x reader) A/N: THIS IS A COLLAB WITH @fromashescomephoenixes GO CHECK HER OUT! Some families tended to throw boys -- families like the Weasleys and the Longbottoms and the Baddocks -- and hers did, too.

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